Pencil Cases

Our new Flat Pouch with a zipper. For stationery, your passport, documents, some cosmetics, keys, your mobile or other small and light items. What ever it is - this small pouch will make storage not only easy but very helpful and last but not least: pretty and handsome! Enjoy your time with our beauty!

2 Versions: Tyvek® is the material Paprcuts has always been working with. It is thin, light and flexible.

Texon feels like a mix of paper and leather! It is consisting of cellulose and latex, is super sustainable. On top it is very strong and waterresistant. Some people call it vegan leather.

Our accessories make life easier for more than 110,000 people

Thin & Light as paper
Tear-resistant & Waterproof
Made in Germany
12 months quality warranty



paprcuts eigenschaften Ultra Dünn
paprcuts eigenschaften Reissfest
paprcuts-eigenschaften Wasserfest
paprcuts-eigenschaften Made in Germany
paprcuts eigenschaften Vegan
paprcuts eigenschaften Recycelbar
paprcuts eigenschaften 12 Monate Garantie
paprcuts eigenschaften Ausdehnbar