As your second wallet or for always: The best travel, party or everyday companion you can imagine!

Who needs 10 different membership cards (your picture will probably look like ours on them: not good), invoices from 3 years ago or access to the gym, when all you want to do is going out for a cold beer and some hot music or travelling South America?!

Whether it is enough for your everyday life? Easy! The material Tyvek® does grow with it's challenges. At some point you will use it always and everywhere anyways!

Coins? No problem! With our super thin & practical coin compartment you are ranked right up there! It will last one wallet life. We guarantee!

2 Sizes: BIG SIZE can fit 50 € bills without folding! Our new standard size, since it can handle all possible tasks.
And REGULAR SIZE: Small & compact, but fits into every little party hand bag!

Our accessories make life easier for more than 110,000 people

Thin & Light as paper
Tear-resistant & Waterproof
Made in Germany
12 months quality warranty