Wash Bags

These bags can hold everything for you. From hand cream & love letters to a small shot of Jägermeister. You see, there is much more to this bag than only being designed for women and their basic needs. And so many cool designs to choose from. Why don’t you just take it and fill it with your very own and special belongings?!

2 Sizes: The little cosmetic bags for all your stuff when you go to sports or short trips. The bigger wash bags for longer trips. They are washable with 60 °C - of course!

Cosmetic Bag (Compact): 21cm x 10cm x 8cm; 14,99 €
Wash Bag (Bigger): 28cm x 15cm x 9cm; 19,99 €

Handmade in Berlin. Not in 广东省.

Our accessories make life easier for more than 110,000 people

Thin & Light as paper
Tear-resistant & Waterproof
Made in Germany
12 months quality warranty



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paprcuts-eigenschaften Wasserfest
paprcuts-eigenschaften Made in Germany
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